Chili Pepper Bridge

Chili Pepper Bridge

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

side gig and what not

  So me and my roommate started doing this side teaching thing where we go to Yongpyong Ski resort and help teach the Hotel and resort staff how to speak English.  We are doing it for free because legally we cannot hold any other jobs according to our contracts and visas, BUT this gig has a few cool benefits:  first of all we get to meet some actual Korean people our age who live in the area, which is nice because our town is pretty much all old people and children; also, since all these people we are teaching work at a ski resort they said i can get a discounted on a season pass, which is great because i was going to buy one anyway!  We had our first "lesson" today, but its nice because they already have a teacher, and me and Kevin just come two times a month to work on conversation.  So basically they just ask us questions and we respond and talk to them.  They all seem really nice and did i mention THEY ALL WORK AT A SWEET SKI RESORT!  so yea, it looks like i will be able to fulfill my goal of doing a lot of snowboarding in Korea, and with some cool Korean people.  This resort is less than 20 minutes away from where i live too.  not too shabby...

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