Chili Pepper Bridge

Chili Pepper Bridge

Friday, October 28, 2011

Everland and Halloween week

So I spent another weekend in Seoul.  This time I went up with my roommate and some of the people that he met during orientation.  We left early Saturday morning and arrived in Seoul to take a trip to Everland.  Everland is  an amusement park kind of like Disney land or something.  Some roller coasters, rides, and general theme park stuff.  It was a lot of fun.  It was pretty funny though, I guess at Everland the big thing for girls is to buy fake animal ear (cat, bear, rabbit, etc) and wear them around all day.  It was pretty funny to see.  We spent most of the day there and had blast, even though we spent quite a bit of time waiting in lines.  After that we back into Seoul and had some great Indian food for dinner.

     The next day we went to a book store called 'what the book.'  It was great.  I liked it a lot better than the bookstore i went to last time because here they sell used books, and its much cheaper.  I bought, slaughterhouse 5, Jon Stewart's Earth, Catch 22, and Apollo 13.  That should last me for a while at least ( I hope).  Then after that we went to an Irish pup to watch the Rugby World Cup.  My roommate Kevin was really excited because he is from New Zealand, and not only is the World Cup being held in New Zealand, but New Zealand was in the final against France.  I've never really watched Rugby so during the first half Kevin was doing a lot of explaining to me what was going on, but by the second half I somewhat got the gist of the game and understood what was going on.  The game was very hard fought and quite close but the All Blacks (the New Zealand Team) won 8-7!  woo hoo!  Then we had to leave the bar and rush to catch our bus, which was the last one leaving Seoul going back to our town.  It was an awesome weekend.
      At school this whole week I've been doing Halloween lessons.  I couldn't do many crafts or anything because right now my classroom is being switched so I have to teach in the science lab this week.  But we played lots of games and I gave out candy.  The kids had a blast.  Probably the funnest/funniest thing we did was today.  I had the kids wrap each other in toilet paper to make mummies!  They thought it was really hilarious seeing their friends bound in TP and unable to move!

    Also this week, Pyeongchang had its English festival.  Students from my school entered in the speech and dancing events.  It was a great time watching all the kids preform and I got to hang out with the other foreign teachers and meet their students.  I think the kids were mostly excited because they got to miss school for a day though! haha.   Anyway, now im packing to go to Jeonju tomorrow morning where i am meeting up with some other TaLK scholars for a Halloween party.  Goodnight

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