Chili Pepper Bridge

Chili Pepper Bridge

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ok, I know I've been slacking off of the blogging... I'll try and update it more often from now on.  But anyways, as most of you know I'm going to be working another year over here in Korea, however now I am in the EPIK (English Program in Korea) program and am living in a new city (Incheon).  I arrived back in Korea last week and was picked up at the airport by the EPIK staff.  We had a one week trainging/ orientation period in Seoul with about 150 other teachers.  There were about 25 teachers going to the same city as I was so that was nice.

So yesterday orientation finished up and they took us to Incheon.  I got to meet one of my co-teachers (I have 4) and saw my school for about a minute.  My school's name is Namdong Elementary School (남동초등학교) and has about 1000 students! yikes! My last school only had 125 students.  The teacher I met seemed very nice though so I am excited, I go in for my first day of work tomorrow.

I also got to move into my new apartment, which is only 5 blocks from the school.  Its very nice one bedroom studio type set up and its fully furnished.  The last teacher who lived there was a girl though, so I need to make a few changes to the decor, haha.  There are about 7 other foreigners living in my buidling as well.  I met most of them the first night there.  They were all going out to Seoul to celebrate Halloween but I was so exhausted from the week of training I stayed in.

Today, several of the other new teachers and I headed out to explore some of Incheon and do some shopping for random things we need in our apartments.  Unlike the last place I lived there are actually big stores here and I was able to find everything I needed in one place, without having to tracel an hour away.  So thats the update for the begining of round 2 in Korea.  I still don't have a computer yet (I'm at a PC Bang right now) so it will be awhile before I can upload any pictures.  I will most likely buy a new computer with my frist paycheck next month.  Anyways I hope all is well, I will let you know what my new mailing address is once I figure it out.