Chili Pepper Bridge

Chili Pepper Bridge

Monday, August 29, 2011

First day at school

    Woah!  Finally I got to go and visit my school for the first time!  Its really nice looking.  I got to meet my Principal and Vice Principal and they both seemed really nice.  The VP could speak some English but the Principal could speak none at all so my mentor teacher had to translate.  I got a tour of the school and got to see my classroom.  Its simple but quite nice.  I have a white board, lots of at supplies, and a computer that hooks up to a big screen TV so I can use power point for lessons and play videos from the internet.  I was hoping for a Smart Board, but no such luck, oh well!   I also got to meet a lot of the 3rd grade students.  They are so cute and nice!  Meeting the students made me feel a little less nervous for my first day of teaching on Thursday.
    I ate lunch in the cafeteria next and the food was actually really good.  Pretty much all the teachers, even the Principal and VP eat the cafeteria food.  We had fish, greens, some beef and bean sprout soup, and of course....kimchi and rice!  My Principal and VP were very impressed with my ability to use chopsticks, lol.  Also the kindergartners where eating lunch in there at the same time and they all kept staring at me and waving, I think the only English word they know how to say is HI!  After lunch I went up to my classroom and did some basic lesson planning for the week.  The first few days is just going to be a lot of review so I can see what level the kids are at.
     Next I got to use my settlement allowance.  So in my contract it says that when I arrive I will receive a 300,000 won (about $300) settlement allowance, which I assumed would just be cash given to me.  But... no.  What it is is my mentor teacher took me out shopping for things I needed for my apartment, and we had a 300,000 won budget cap.  It was still good, but I was hoping for cash.  Anyway we got some extra bedding, so my floor mat is a little more comfortable, some floor cushions to sit on so me and my room mate don't have to sit on the floor, and a toaster.  We didn't spend all the money so once I think of some other things I need I can get a few more things.  Well that's all for.  I teach my first classes on Thursday so I'll be sure to give you and up date then with some pictures!

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