Chili Pepper Bridge

Chili Pepper Bridge

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another week down

   Well, week two of training is now complete.  It was long but I got a lot of useful information.  We did workshops of lesson planning and curriculum development, and we were also given a lot of teaching resources to supplement our text book, which on its own is a little dry.
     Probably the most exciting part about this past week was on Friday when we got to meet out Provincial Office of Education Supervisors.   They are essentially the bosses for the education system in their province.  I was a little nervous because basically this guy is my boss, even over the principal of my school.  He ended up being really nice though, although he spoke pretty much no English at all.  We had to have a translator the whole time.  He told us what schools we are going to be placed in and some information about them.  The school I'm going to be working at is Jangpyeong Elementary School, in Pyeongchang.  Here's the website if you want to check it out  (its all in Korean though).  Its a pretty small school, only 125 students total, covering kindergarten through 6th grade.  I also found out I wont be getting a Korean co-teacher.  Most people in my program get a Korean university student who helps them run the classes, but I guess for whatever reason I wont be getting one.  On the plus side I think will be getting paid extra since I will be running my own class room.  They also gave me the email address of the previous TaLK scholar who worked at the school, but apparently that email doesn't exist anymore so basically I will find out everything when I actually arrive at my school.  Hopefully my apartment is close to the school, I know some people have commutes of up to an hour to get to their schools.
   Well, anyway I have one more week at Korea University for training, then I go to my province, Gangwon-do, for another orientation, but only with the people who will be working in my province.  I am really excited for this because we will be staying at SungWoo Resort for a week.  It looks awesome!  You can check out the website for this place and be jealous  (on the left hand side there is a button that makes the page in English).   Then after our resort stay someone from my school will pick me up and take me to my town.   Then I will finally get to see what kind of apartment I will be living in, as well as how close to work I will be.  Well that's all for now, time for lunch.

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