Chili Pepper Bridge

Chili Pepper Bridge

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Update

Well I'm and now well into the throws of the harsh Korean winter.  But, armed with my season pass to YongPyong Resort I have been able to keep busy and enjoy the snow!  The main school year has ended but I am currently doing my winter English camp for my school, which ends on Friday.  Then VIETNAM for two weeks!  I'm really excited to travel, and to get into some warm weather (I'm having flip flop withdrawls). But anyways, its been a while since I've posted and put up pictures so here are a few:

 This is my new apartment.  Not the Palace I had in Jinbu, but not too cramped so I like it.

 Got my Christmas Tree up (how long before I actually take it down?)
This is Chinatown in Incheon (the only Chinatown in Korea).  Much smaller than San Francisco's Chinatown, but the food is really good. 
 View from the top of Chinatown
My new school, Namdong Elementary.  It's HUGE!

So yea, life is good.  I've been keeping in touch with my old friends from TaLK (most the ones that are still here switched to EPIK like me) and also my Korean friends from Jinbu.  Also, I've met a ton of new awesome people in Incheon.  The last few weeks have been hectic preparing for winter camp and getting all my travel plans sorted out for Vietnam, but I'm all good to go now.  I'm looking forward to a couple weeks at the beach.

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